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Nutritional Counseling
Confused about what to eat? Learn the “truth” about food. Certain foods enhance our health while others break down our bodies. Discover what foods fit your body in order to maximize and maintain your vitality.

Herbal Remedies
Herbs have been used for thousands of years as food and medicine. Time and money can be wasted if you are not using the appropriate herbs that will assist your body on its quest for health. Consulting with an educated herbalist will help you attain optimal health.

Kinesiology / Muscle Testing
Bioenergetics is the science of the active force of life. It states that every organism has bioenergy - the energy that makes us alive, that animates us. Every cell in our body contains this energy. The brain acts as the communication center for almost every action in the body. Messages are transmitted in our body through our nervous system. When nerves are pinched, severed, malnourished or under stress, oxygen supply is depleted - the electric system is shorted. Kinesiology is a tool that helps practitioners discover organ weakness and strength, nutritional deficiencies, and customize herbal programs. more

Chinese Tongue & Nail Analysis
The method of tongue analysis can be described as one of the Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic techniques that relates to long term disease prevention and good health. The Chinese have used it for thousands of years. Generally, the appearance of the tongue can reveal valuable information concerning organ function. The fingernails have the capacity to show very openly detectable characteristics that correspond to organ function and bodily health. The physical clarity of nail markers allows the fingernails to accurately show the condition of the body in a clear manner.